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In the event of mold damage, it is crucial to immediately address the issue once you discover it, as mold presents a serious risk to your health and your property. Royal Restoration employs certified professionals with expert knowledge and experience in mold remediation, and we execute a complete and thorough process for removal and cleanup. Before we begin the cleanup, we test the air quality and identify the mold. We then suggest and implement the appropriate remediation techniques for your particular situation, including containment, isolation and removal of the mold. After the removal and cleanup, we treat and purify the air to ensure that it is safe to breathe. Once we’ve completed the process, Royal Restoration brings in an unbiased third party firm to perform and validate clearance testing of the site. Clearance testing provides formal documentation that the issue was handled properly and all risk is eliminated.

Let Us Solve Your Mold Problem


Similarly to mold, exposure to asbestos poses serious health risks. Toxic asbestos can increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer, so it is vital to act immediately upon discovering asbestos. Though toxic asbestos is usually found in structures that were built prior to the early 1980s, you may discover it at your property after a remodeling job, renovation, demolition or after a natural disaster. If you find asbestos at your business or residence, contact us so that we can evaluate your needs and begin the removal process. We will create a plan unique to your structure by investigating the entire site for evidence of asbestos. Then, we will collect and analyze samples to determine the best plan for removal. Once we have this information, our team will remove all asbestos-containing materials from the site in a safe and effective manner. The final step is to track and dispose of all toxic waste. After the process is complete, Royal Restoration will prepare a report detailing the work performed as well as the results of the project.

Our Capabilities

  • Free damage assessments
  • Water/waste removal
  • Contents removal, cleaning, drying and storage
  • Structural assessments, water removal and drying
  • Cleaning & sanitization of upholstery, carpet, drapes, blinds, ceiling, walls and floor
  • HVAC duct cleaning
  • Ozone treatments and deodorization chemicals
  • Germicides and anti-microbial chemicals
  • Mold remediation services
  • Reconstruction
I couldn’t ask for a better partner in the industry than Royal Restoration. I feel confident in the quality of work and services that will be provided to my clients every time I make a referral.

Dustin Madden, Craftsman Plumbing

When our office flooded my initial concerns were risks to my patients and how long I would need to close my clinic. Royal Restoration assured me these would be minimal and stood true to their word. Due to their rapid response and vast knowledge of the disaster industry, they had us back up and running within 24 hours and we only had to reschedule a handful of patients. Quality service is hard to beat!

Dr. Marty Lovvorn, Precision Chiropractic Pelham, AL

After a fire nearly destroyed our kitchen, our insurance provider referred us to a well-known company in the disaster industry for an initial cleanup. It wasn’t until we reached out to Royal Restoration for the repairs that we learned the other company had not been thorough in their cleaning technique and left us with a subpar job and potential health risks for our family. We are thankful that Royal Restoration was able to prove the negligence on the part of the other company and not only complete the cleaning to industry standard, but also repair the kitchen, making it possible for us to spend Christmas together in our home. We wouldn’t use anyone else.

Darlene Robinson, Centerpoint, AL