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Mold inspection in a home in Birmingham, AL

Silent Invader: The Importance of Mold Remediation

Mold, the silent invader, is known for stealthily infiltrating homes and commercial buildings and can create substantial risks not only to individual health but to the structural integrity of the building itself. Its ability to grow unnoticed in damp, hidden…

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Commercial property in Birmingham, AL under flood water damage

From Soaked to Saved: Navigating Water Damage Restoration

Whether from hurricanes, torrential rains, burst pipes, or flash floods, water damage poses a significant threat to commercial properties nationwide. It's not just about the immediate impacts but the aftermath that can disrupt operations, damage equipment, and even threaten the…

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Royal Restoration logo

Royal Restoration – Who We Are and What We Do

The homes and businesses of Americans are under constant threat from the natural world. In 2022, storms, fires, and other weather-related disasters caused over $1.65 billion worth of property damage in the US alone. When a crisis strikes your property,…

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